Rusty’s Plumbing strive hard to make sure that all of your plumbing situations are solved with any structure of residence. Whether it’s in an apartment complex, condominium building, townhouses or it deals with shared areas, we have expert plumbers who are experienced and knowledgeable in plumbing repair and maintenance in a strata property.

From toilet and sink repair, bathtub and shower repair, leak detection, unblocking pipes, overflows and toilet bowl installation. We can deal with these problems regardless of the structure of your residency. Get these fixed right away by professionals who has the know-how to avoid serious water damage at your place.

Our team is experienced with servicing Strata property. Our knowledge of Strata by-laws and special pricing insures the best possible pricing and service. See why we are highly recommended by Strata management companies.

Call Rusty’s Plumbing to speak to us about how we can help with strata managed properties.

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